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Bluetooth Electric Wax Burner - Grey Colour Changing

Bluetooth Electric Wax Burner - Grey Colour Changing

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A lamp that can bring vibrancy, fragrance AND music? Yes, please!  Plus pair with our wax melts.

The Bluetooth colour changing burner will not only heat your preferred fragrance and light up your room in vivid colours; it can connect to any iOS or Android device to play your favourite tunes! Our all in one device is a piece of décor that can do it all and is suitable for any room in your home.

suitable for any room in your home.

Our colour changing lamps use special LED technology to create a vivid ambience whilst gently heating your fragrance of choice. Simply add your oil/wax into the glass dish and place on top of the lamp and enjoy your tantalising scents!

Can't decide on one colour? Neither could we! That's why all of our LED colour changing lamps come with the filtration feature of the jaw dropping light show. Simply turn on to watch your lamp illuminate and fade through the 7 colour cycle. 

Choose from 7 colours, on either shuffle mode or the colour of your choosing. (Switch operated)

Please note: LED bulbs are not changeable, please do not attempt to remove the bulb. 

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