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Bugalugs Salmon Oil

Bugalugs Salmon Oil

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Add to a daily meal to give that health boost!

For dogs & cats

Bugalugs Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats is a premium quality supplement that provides essential Omega 3 fatty acids to your furry friend, making it an excellent addition to their daily diet.

  • Skin & Coat: Rich in Omega 3 fats, this supplement promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat for your pet.
  • Enrichment: Bugalugs Salmon Oil gives your pet's food an added boost of taste and nutrition, encouraging them to eat better.
  • Joint & Muscles: this supplement helps maintain joint mobility in dogs and cats.

Made with salmon oil sourced from the UK, you can trust that Bugalugs Salmon Oil is safe for your pet. The single item pack type ensures quality control while the shelf life of 12 months allows you to stock up without worrying about expiry dates.

  • Pet Type:Dogs & Cats
  • Pack Type: SIngle Item
  • >
  • The Consumables Form: Syrups
  • > <<
  • >The Country Of Origin: UK
  • >> <<<
  • >Function Of This Product Is/are Health Boost.
  • >> <<<
  • >Shelf Life Is/are12 Months.
  • >>> Bugalugs Salmon Oil not only supports their overall health but also enhances their taste buds while helping them stay active longer by maintaining healthy muscles. Get Bugalugs today and enrich the lives of your pets!
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